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Welcome to the ethical shopper blog by Orange bicycle designs.

Welcome readers,

So what's next? Would you like to know more about the fashion production processes involved? What about the textile materials which we turn into products? Do you know how different fabrics are actually produced? Are you aware of the environmental effects of traditional vs organic cotton production? What is vegan leather anyway? Is it really environmentally a better choice than traditional leather products?

The Orange bicycle designs blog will aim to answer your questions regarding fabric and textile production and labour practices within the fashion industry. It will span the farm to the shop, to the consumer and sometimes even to the ocean unfortunately. This blog is different however. It's not written by a former model, fashion journalist or marketing professional. The aim here is to educate so you the consumer can easily gain the knowledge to make better consumer choices. So what's the best way to learn this? Traditionally knowledge has been imparted by teachers which is where this blog really shines.

I am a qualified geography/ history teacher. I recently went back to teaching work part- time. Those skills of enquiry and research typical of geographers have never left me. It was whilst engaging with my students at school which gave me the inspiration to start a blog to teach other people.

Stay informed here to learn about the materials which comprise your fashion and textiles, without the greenwashing and marketing spin!

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